Solo performance Scholarships are available. Priority is given to those showing highest merit as demonstrated on the audition. Please be aware that large scholarship requests without accompanying merit may jeopardize your acceptance. Requests for scholarship received after the application is processed or that do not contain the required scholarship information cannot be considered. Financial need is used only as a secondary consideration.

All Merit qualified students age 16 and older may receive a Service Scholarship as part of their award package. Service Scholarships are valued at US$1,000 for approximately 10 hours of service per week. Tuition reimbursement is made upon completion of the Service Hours at the end of the summer. For a list of positions available and descriptions go to the Service Scholarships Page.

IRS forms are not needed to apply for scholarship. Students that arrive late or depart early are NOT eligible for scholarship or service awards.

Scholarship students are expected to be leaders in performance and chamber music and role models in discipline. Scholarship students must arrive on time and not depart early, as there may be performance obligations to fulfill.

Please investigate your local community (religious groups, schools, arts or civic organizations, and private donors) for alternate sources of financial aid.


Counselors: Full and half time positions for students or parents, age 21 and older. Experience with children is necessary and it is desirable to have a current USA drivers license, CPR and /or first aid certificates.

Application deadline is February 15th. Those applying later will be considered if positions are available. Counselors receive free tuition, room and board in exchange for work. Half time positions cover part tuition, room and board expenses.

For a job description and more information, contact the Admissions Coordinator at:

Click here for a Counselor Application.

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How to Apply for Service Scholarships
Apply online during the application process.

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