Meadowmount School of Music
Executive Director: Mark Hayman
1424 County Route 10
Westport, New York 12993 USA 

Phone (518) 962-2400
Fax: June to September (518) 962-2310


Business hours are Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. 

Summer Business hours are Mon-Sat 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EDT.
After these hours, EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY PLEASE, as the phone rings in our sleeping/eating quarters.


You may send letters or packages to your child via USPS, FedEx, UPS, or another courier. Label letters or packages as follows:

Student Name
Meadowmount School of Music
1424 County Route 10
Westport, New York USA 12993

Student Telephone in Main House:
(No calls before 7:30am or after 10 pm EDT, please.)
(518) 962-8908

Adult Dormitory phones:
(no calls before 7:30am or after 11PM EDT, please.)
Lilacs Dorm: (518) 962-4614
Paganini Dorm: (518) 962-4613

In case of an emergency, contact the Office:  (518) 962-2400.
Due to the volume of calls we receive and the fact that we have only one line, please do not call the office to relay messages to your child that are not urgent.

If you wish to send a FAX, dial (518) 962-2310, list your child’s name on the cover page. There is a $1.00 processing fee. Students are notified in their mailboxes that they have a fax waiting for them in the office. Students usually check their boxes around lunchtime, as that is when the mail arrives.

For questions regarding admissions policies, application process, counselor applications, website changes/additions and other matters, please contact:

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Location and Directions

Meadowmount is 275 miles north of New York City, 130 miles north of Albany and 100 miles south of Montreal on Interstate I-87.

Address: 1424 County Route 10, Westport, NY 12993

From Interstate I-87:
Take Exit 32 and exit West toward Lewis.
 In 700 yards, turn left at truck stop (Redmond Road) and continue 1 mile to the stop sign (County Route 10).
 Turn left and immediately bear right.
 The Concert Hall is the first driveway on the right and the Main House is the second driveway on right.