FULL TIME POSITION: Executive Director

POSITION SUMMARY:​ The Executive Director manages all operational aspects of the summer program and serves as the chief fundraiser for Meadowmount during the year. Meadowmount is seeking a dynamic candidate able to engage potential donors in Meadowmount’s mission and develop a strategy for diversifying and expanding the organization’s funding base. Together with the Artistic Director, the Executive director upholds the values and traditions of Meadowmount while propelling the artistic and educational vision of the school through the 21st century. The candidate should possess management skills in all areas of supervision of a school and a non-profit organization; finances, Human Resources, advertising, health and safety protocols, and general facilities management.

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Meadowmount Employment Opportunities

Meadowmount School of Music is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We have seasonal positions for full and part time employees in various departments: Health, Culinary Services, Maintenance, Laundry and Housekeeping.

The Application deadline is March 31st. Those applying later will be considered if positions are available. Employment is contingent upon the results of a background check.

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Your application can be mailed or emailed to Admissions@Meadowmount.com


Camp Nurse: Licensed in the State of New York. Part-time, relief, and full-time positions. This is a live-in, 7-week position. Accommodations include a private room, three meals per day, housekeeping and laundry service. Operation of a 3 bedroom infirmary with private office space and private bedroom. CPR for the Professional Rescuer and ARC Responding to Emergency training is required by the Department of Health.

Parents are encouraged to apply in exchange for part tuition.

Culinary Services: Seasonal full and part time positions are available in the kitchen. Adult positions available are: Chef, assistant cooks and bakers. Other positions for high school aged and up include food preparation workers and dishwashers.

Housekeeping: Seasonal full-time positions for experienced housekeepers. Duties include maintaining the cleanliness of faculty housing, student dormitories, bathrooms, administration offices, teaching studios, entryways and common areas.  Early start in spring with opening facilities and work into early fall with shutting down facilities.

Laundry: Seasonal full-time position in on-campus laundry facility. Duties include washing, drying and folding student laundry, infirmary linens, curtains, towels, etc. (No ironing.) Laundry staff may start early spring as a Housekeeper and move into laundry full time when students arrive.

Maintenance: Full time and part time positions in Maintenance require experience in painting, electrical, plumbing, carpentry and handyman type work a must. Some maintenance workers can move into housekeeping positions while the school is in session for a longer seasonal work time.


Counselors: Full and half time positions for students or parents, age 21 and older.  Experience with children is necessary and it is desirable to have a current USA drivers license, CPR and /or first aid certificates.

Application deadline is February 15th. Those applying later will be considered if positions are available.

Counselors receive free tuition, room and board in exchange for work. (This is not a paid position.) Half time positions cover part tuition, room and board expenses.

For a job description and more information, contact the Admissions Director at Admissions@meadowmount.com

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Applications are now being accepted for Summer 2021 employment.

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Employment Contact:

Meadowmount School of Music
1424 County Route 10
Westport, New York 12993 USA
(518) 962-2400
Fax: October to June
(518) 962-2400

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