Service Scholarship Positions Available

Each position averages 10 hours per week. Upon completion of service, students receive US$1,000 in tuition reimbursement at the end of the session (70 hours at approximately US$14.30 per hour.)

Students are to be on time for the start of their shifts and attend for a full session. (No late arrivals or early departures.) Incomplete projects, short hours and days missed will be deducted from the scholarship.

Please note: There is no guarantee you will receive the position you choose… sorry!

Concert Admissions / Merchandise Sales
Wanted friendly person with good counting skills. Duties include greeting the public at concerts, collecting concert admissions, counting cash box, handling money from concert sales. Keeping inventory on items sold, setup and take down of merchandise. Shift Time 6:30pm - 3 times per week. Several positions.

Concert Stage
Assist in all areas of the concert production. Setting up stage for musicians, assist office in copying of programs, greeting public, handing out programs, page turning, helping musicians on and off stage, directing traffic, for parking, securing backstage area, supplying water and cups backstage, keeping back stage area clean, picking up programs after concert, straighten chairs in audience and returning stage to master class setup after concert. Take lost and found items to the office. Assist at intermission with sales or refreshment table as needed. Shift time: 6:30pm until end of concert – 3 nights per week Several positions.

Stage Crew

Food Service
Duties include but are not limited to working a breakfast, lunch or dinner shift, preparing the food line, serving food to students, watching portion sizes, replenishing foods when they are low, clean up of service area (no dishwashing, drying dishes or preparing meals). Health and safety is stressed. Hairnets or hats must be worn along with close-toed shoes and no sleeveless shirts. Follow all NY Dept of Health regulations on food handling. Training provided. Average 2 hours – 5 days a week. Several positions.

Help the Meadowmount garden grow. Watering, weeding, tending to garden needs and picking veggies. Must like to get your hands dirty! Gloves provided but supply your own hat!

Serve refreshments after evening concerts. Set up of snacks, drinks, cups, and napkins after concerts. Clean up of tables, chairs, and floor after serving. Also assist with the selling of snacks at concerts during intermission (as needed). Average 3 nights per week.

Assist counselors with bringing laundry bags to laundry facility and returning bags to the dorms. Shift time: 4:15pm 5 days per week

Mail Person
Must know the alphabet and read English. Distribute mail (letters, packages, etc.) to faculty, staff and students. Shift Time: 2:00pm - 6 days per week.

Music Library
Duties include lending out music, overseeing rental instruments, maintaining library data base, keep accurate records of items loaned out on student/faculty cards and keeping all files in order. Training provided. Shift time: 1:45 – 5:00 - 3 shifts per week. Several positions.

Office Service/Copy Person 
Duties include but are not limited to photocopying, answering the phone, relaying messages, filing, answer questions, sending faxes, and sale of school merchandise. Shift Time: 1:45 – 5:00 - 3 shifts per week. Several positions.

Practice Assistant
Assist students or chamber music groups in need with daily practice; overseeing chamber music coachings as assigned.

Photographer/Social Media
Must have camera. Take pictures of random events on campus, guest artists and posed pictures. Help with the collection of photographs for use on our website, facebook and other media. Assist with facebook / twitter/ blogging updates. All photographs become the property of Meadowmount.

Program Writer
Proofread biographies of performing students, guest artists and faculty for on and off campus concerts. Creating programs by listing pieces, composers, performers, accompanists, etc. Training provided on format and layout to use. Own computer best, but we have one for program writers to use. Several positions.

Duties include turning on the campus lights at dusk and off at 11:00pm Sunday through Friday and at 12:00pm on Saturday. Reporting any electrical problems to the office. Closing doors and turning out lights in all practice cabins. Walk through Main house shutting off any lights left on in common areas, practice cabins, and areas they are not to be in after 10pm. Assist Head Counselor with night duty watch as needed. Flash light supplied!

Recording Engineer and Recording Assistant
Engineer creates master CD of all concerts and special events, trains recording assistant on how to record. Assistant makes copies for sale. Both are responsible for the quality of recording and duplicating. Attention to details required, prompt turn around of recording is important and being sure that master CDs are made of each event. Training provided. Several positions.

Assist the Head Counselor with day and evening recreational activities for students. Duties include organizing 2 or more team sport games per week, competitions (table tennis, chess,) setup, take down and cleaning of equipment, assist with scavenger hunts, move night, talent show, pizza night, board game night, contests, Saturday night activities, keeping track of recreational equipment, advertising of events (using computer to create flyers or drawing posters) and just coming up with fun stuff to do. Various days/hours. Several positions.

Snack Bar
Duties include selling snacks to students, keeping inventory, handling money, counting the cash box and advertising specials. No cooking, all foods prepackaged. Students find this to be the most important job on campus! A mix of afternoon and evening hours. Several positions.

Video recording
Recording of on campus concerts, guest artists and special events. Create DVDs of recorded material. Training provided. Shift time: 6:30 – 3 times per week with occasional special event as needed. Several positions.

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How to Apply for Service Scholarships

Apply online during the application process.