Tuition and Fees

On-Campus Tuition 7 Weeks: US $9,200.00 (Includes $100 Refundable Security Deposit)
Off-Campus Tuition 7 Weeks: US $5,300.00 (Includes $100 Refundable Security Deposit)

Program Tuition Includes:
  • Weekly Private Lesson
  • Weekly Two-Hour Studio Class
  • All Faculty Master Classes
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Daily Scheduled Practice Hours
  • Guest Artist Solo Master Classes
  • Scale/Etude/Technique Classes 
  • Admission to All Concerts
  • Practice Coach as needed
  • Chamber Music Ensembles
  • Weekly Chamber Coaching
  • Alexander Technique Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • Musicians Health Seminars/Workshops
  • Instrument Care Workshops
  • Focus Programing for Youth
  • Recreation Opportunities
  • Exercise and Stretching Routines
  • Activities with Counselors
  • Sheet Music Library

Additional Services for On-Campus Living:

  • Weekly Laundry Service
  • Internet/Cable TV in Main House
  • Private Bedroom (a few doubles available)
  • Daily Dormitory Housekeeping
  • 3 Meals per day
  • Midday Snack
  • After Concert Snack

Reservation Deposit

For all Students, once accepted, a US$1,500.00 reservation deposit, credited toward the tuition, is required to reserve your place. It must be received in the admissions office by April 1st. Arrival of the deposit after the April 1st deadline may result in the loss of your place.

The remainder of all fees are due in full on May 15th. Arrival of the final tuition payment after the May 15 deadline may result in the loss of your reservation and placement on the wait list, as well as a $50 late fee.

Cancellation of Reservation

Cancellations of your Reservation must be in writing via mail or email and received by the following dates:
Cancellation received by April 15: Half of the Reservation Deposit will be refunded.
Cancellation after April 15: No refund is given.

Students withdrawing for any reason after May 15 will not receive a refund of tuition/room & board paid. 
If we can find a student to take your place then a portion of the tuition/room & board paid may be refunded.

Please Note: Teacher selection is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, e.g. illness or injury. Confirmed students will be expected to attend. There is no refund for cancellation.

Extra Lessons

Extra lessons are available from assistant teachers at the rate of US$50 per hour. Most students take advantage of this opportunity. To request extra lessons, indicate on the application the number you would like to take, so we may secure the services of the assistants. The extra lessons can be paid by separate check to the office or by check or cash directly to the teaching assistant. Extra lessons arranged with faculty are charged the faculty member’s studio rate and payable directly to the professor.

Additional Class Offerings

Master classes, technique classes and seminar's from visiting guest artists are offered as part of the regular curriculum.

Musician's Health seminars/workshops are offered as available and free of charge as part of the regular curriculum.

Yoga classes are available on a weekly basis free of charge as part of the regular curriculum. Also available are Tai Chi and Qigong DVDs.

Alexander Technique workshops are available and free of charge as part of the regular curriculum.

'From The Top' Radio Show Auditions, for students under the age of 18, are held each year at Meadowmount.

The following offerings may have additional fees:

Massage appointments are available on campus for those interested or have medical need. Prices vary as to the length of appointment. Students under the age of 18 must have parents complete the consent form.

Physical therapy can be arranged on a per need basis. There will be a transportation fee if school van is needed.

Various off campus community classes are available in exercise, strength training, arts and crafts and more... for those with their own transportation.



Chamber music and solo performance Scholarships are available. Priority is given to those showing highest merit as demonstrated on the audition. Financial need is used only as a secondary consideration.

Service Awards

Each position averages 10 hours per week. Upon completion of service, students receive $1,000 in tuition reimbursement at the end of the session.


Fellowships have been created to help ensure that the Meadowmount School of Music’s position as the premier training ground for young artists remains unchallenged.


Visit or FAQs Page for answers to frequently asked questions about Payments and Deadlines.
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