For the first time in 76 years, the Meadowmount School of Music will not open for the summer. The thought of this brings tears to our eyes. We all know this is the right choice concerning the uncertainty of the COVID-19 and I thank each of you for your patience during this time while you waited for our decision.

We know the musical growth one experiences at Meadowmount comes from attending and interacting in person with our talented faculty, staff, and students. We do not wish to offer an inferior version of Meadowmount through virtual technology, so all payments will be refunded.

We will miss you this summer and want to stay connected through Facebook postings, so follow us!

Meadowmount is 76 years rich with history and you are that richness. Hope to see you all in 2021.

Stay Healthy, Stay Strong,

Mary McGowan Administrative Director

Admissions Office

2020 Summer Session
June 27 to August 15

Greetings and welcome to the Admissions Office Information Page.

The Meadowmount School of Music website contains all the information you will need to complete your summer application. The admissions process may seem overwhelming but we are here to answer your questions and guide you through the enrollment process.

This page contains an overview of admission deadlines and contact information. We stay in contact with each applicant via email to ensure that information is received in a timely fashion. Reminders and acknowledgments are sent to you during each step of the application process.

Your questions and inquiries are always welcome. Due to the large number of applications we receive, email is the best way to communicate with us. If you have an urgent question or a request for information, please call or visit our FAQs Page

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mary McGowan
Administrative Director
(518) 962-2400

Meadowmount School of Music
1424 County Route 10
Westport, New York 12993 USA

Fax off-season September-May:  (518) 962-2400
Fax during season June-August:  (518) 962-2310

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Apply Page

"Most importantly, Meadowmount is a place of wonderful musical growth. Every day, I focused on my practicing. I will never forget the years I spent at Meadowmount."
– Huali Dang

Admissions Contact

Mary McGowan
Administrative Director

1424 County Route 10
Westport, New York 12993

Phone: (518) 962-2400
Fax Off Season: (518) 962-2400
Fax During Season June - August: (518) 962-2310

We accept all USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL courier services.
There is no overnight delivery to our area. Allow a minimum of 2 days delivery service.


Admissions Deadlines

January 31
Online Applications and audition materials due.
Late applications will be considered if space available.

March 20
Admissions Notification letter/packet mailed to applicants.

April 1
Due: Tuition Reservation Deposit, signed Pledge.

April 15
Cancellation deadline: last day to receive half of Tuition Reservation Deposit.

After April 15, there is no refund of Tuition Reservation Deposit.

May 1
Rehair your bow “short” due to the high humidity at Meadowmount.

May 15
Due: Medical Forms, Balance of Tuition.

June 1
Due: Travel Itinerary with arrival dates and requests for transportation pick up from the ferry, bus or train stations.

June 10
Students may begin shipping boxes to Meadowmount.