Farewell from Amy Barlowe and Alan Bodman

How do I begin to write a “farewell” to Meadowmount? I guess I can begin by asking what brought us back year after year (for me, 25 years plus 5 years on teaching fellowships as a student, and 27 years on the faculty for Alan). Was it the lure of a music school nestled in the stunningly beautiful Adirondacks with a magic that could touch students and teachers alike by giving them a seven-week retreat from the real world and fostering miraculous musical achievements? Was it that Alan and I had met there on the first day of the summer of 1988, and three weeks later played a Leclair duo on the evening of our engagement? Was it that we’d had one of our daughters up there, and the other on Mr. Galamian’s birthday? Was it the excitement of performances with our wonderful colleagues? Could it have been the lasting friendships we forged with our colleagues, the staff, and community members? Or was it the thrill we both had helping the endless stream of young gifted violinists along paths to their dreams?

We can sincerely answer “yes” to all of the above questions. And it is for all of these reasons, and more, that we have found making our decision to leave Meadowmount so very difficult. However, as ”they” say, “all good things must come to an end.” And, from another perspective, ends are also beginnings. I really need more time for composing and promoting my works. My dreams, in that regard, are limitless. Alan’s work at the University of Akron and as concertmaster of the Akron Symphony and the orchestra I founded, Akron Baroque, keeps his plate quite full during the year. He yearns to garden and work on our very needy house. Needless to say, summers will be ideal for those and other activities he has in mind.

Leaving while we are still “young” will enable us to move forward in directions that we feel will benefit not only ourselves, but also the school. By “passing the torch”, we hope that we will have left memories as indelible as those we take with us. We hope that our colleagues and students will remember us as having devotedly shared our passion for teaching and for the school itself, and we hope that we have helped in some way to make Meadowmount the magical institution it is. We will always cherish, and be grateful for, our memories there. And finally, we hope that we will not be forgotten as we move into another new and beautiful phase of our lives, because we will keep Meadowmount, and all it has meant to us, in our hearts forever.