Supplies/Violin Shop

Music, strings, books, repairs and accessories are available on campus. You can purchase items from the school office or the violin shop located on campus. You may also borrow chamber music, have copies made and purchase recordings of concerts. A violin maker is available for your instrument repairs and rehairs.

Before arrival, please have your bow rehaired and advise your technician to rehair it short due to the very high humidity.

Meadowmount's campus violin shop is managed by Vermont Violins and Luthier Jim Banicki.

Mr. Banicki graduated from the Chicago School of Violin Making in 1985. He went on to work in the workshops of both John Norwood Lee and William Harris Lee crafting fine instruments and bows. He worked at Kenneth Warren & Son violin shop for 15 years, eventually becoming one of their senior repairmen.

In the Warren workshop he had the opportunity to restore fine and historic instruments including those by such makers as A. Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesu, and Jacob Stainer. When the Warren shop closed their luthier workshop, Mr. Banicki continued to serve the Warren's and their clients including those from the Chicago Symphony.

Vermont Violins:

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