Meadowmount Chamber Music

Individual instruction is only one part of the Meadowmount curriculum. By placing special emphasis on chamber music, instead of orchestral studies, Meadowmount gives students the opportunity to learn collaborative skills in small ensembles to which each member’s contribution is vitally important. Many chamber groups are featured in our Concert Hall and off-campus performances throughout the summer. Some are selected through the Meadowmount Chamber Music Competition held each summer.

Students must meet certain standards of performance, must arrive on time, and be a full time student to participate in the chamber music program. Placement is based on the quality of the chamber music excerpts submitted with your solo audition. Chamber group placement is subject to change. At the discretion of the Director and Faculty, students may be moved from groups as necessary at any time due to individual music ability, group dynamics, or coaching preference. (The required Chamber Music Excerpts are available on the Application Page.)

Most groups will be quartets, but there are also duets, trios, quintets, sextets, and even octets. Students receive at least one coaching per week from a Faculty member. Students are responsible to schedule and manage their own daily rehearsals, but help from teaching assistants is available for the younger groups.

In the tradition of Ivan Galamian’s teachings, students who are assigned first violin in a chamber group may be required to play viola in another group. This also applies to violinists who are in piano chamber groups and violinists who receive scholarship. A viola and instruction will be provided. This is considered an honor and deepens your musical understanding and experience. If you have a viola that you would like to bring, please note this on the application.

Chamber music scholarships are available for experienced chamber music performers. For more information go to Scholarships.

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