Miraculous Teacher:
Ivan Galamian and the
Meadowmount Experience

This book is written by Elizabeth A. H. Green with Judith Galamian, Josef Gingold and Meadowmount Musicians, and was originally published in 1993. Mrs. Green wrote the book in response to the question "Just WHO was Galamian?" This book describes the man and his achievements. It was republished in 2003 and is now available.
 Price USD $25.00.

Intonation and Technique
by Meadowmount Faculty Hans Jørgen Jensen and Minna Rose Chung

CelloMind is a two-part, pedagogical method book that has been written to help musicians understand HOW intonation works and, more importantly, WHY it works the way it does. 
Price USD $80.00.

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Meadowmount Mug
Delight your tastebuds with a Meadowmount mug!
Price USD $15.00

By M. Bartley. Paperback biography of cellist, Gregor Piatigorsky, lifelong friend of Ivan Galamian. Otis Mountain Press is donating a portion of the proceeds to fund the Gregor Piatigorsky Memorial Fellowship awarding a cello student with a Meadowmount Scholarship.
Price: USD $25.00.

The Musician's Way
A guide to practice, performance and wellness.
Gerald Klickstein, veteran performer and educator, combines the latest research with his 30 years of professional experience to provide aspiring musicians with a roadmap to artistic excellence.
Price USD $35.00

Integrated Practice Coordination, Rhythm & Sound
By Pedro DeAlcantara, a musician, writer and teacher.
“Integrated Practice is a remarkable tool for the aspiring musician on the road to understanding artistry.”-Mimi Zweig, Professor Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University.
Price: USD $35.00


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