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2017 Summer Session
June 24 to August 12

Meadowmount is located in New York’s beautiful Adirondack Mountains at the base of Mount Discovery on 275 acres of forest and farmland. With limited cell service and Wi-Fi, Meadowmount is the perfect place to turn off the electronics and focus on personal artistic development.

Minors aged 13 to 17 have live-in counselors who wake them in the morning for breakfast, monitor their required practice time, chaperone them throughout the day and check them back into the dorms at 10pm curfew. 

There are many performance opportunities for students throughout the summer including weekly faculty studio and guest artist master classes. We present three public concerts every week on campus (as well as frequent off campus concerts) to showcase select students in solo and chamber music performances.  Each student receives a weekly private lesson and chamber music coaching with a major faculty member. Students may schedule additional lessons with their teacher or their teacher’s assistant. An additional fee is required and arranged individually with the private teacher. Observation is a powerful learning tool and the daily violin, viola, cello, piano and chamber music master classes are open to all students.

Practice and Recreation
Students practice 5 hours every day but still have time for recreation in the afternoons and evenings. We offer a soccer field, tennis court, badminton, books to read, board games, movie night, TV and Wi-Fi in the Main House, and several Ping-Pong tables on campus. Local shopping trips are provided throughout the week with more adventurous trips for hiking, water parks, movies, bowling, eating out, shopping and sightseeing offered on the weekends. Additional fees may apply.

Student Needs
We understand that our students will have special needs when away from home. A note or small box from home with a favorite homemade treat is always a big hit when feeling homesick. Our staff is trained to offer immediate assistance when required. Helping students with musical questions, social issues or taking them to the nurse when not feeling well is all part of our care and concern for each student. Parents are notified when there are health concerns or disruptive behavior. Usually a talk with a parent will help the student refocus to be on track with their musical studies.  A high degree of social maturity and professionalism is expected of each student. A strong willingness to work together, respect for the feelings of others and the motivation to practice 5 hours per day are necessary to achieve maximum results.

Pocket Money
Your student may want to have money on hand to purchase a snack from our snack bar, strings or music from the violin shop, or a t-shirt or hoody from the office as a souvenir.
It is suggested that they bring at least $250 in cash or checks for spending money. There is no ATM on campus but there are some in town. The office will cash personal and third party checks for the students. Students may “bank” their money, passports, tickets, or other items of value in the office for safekeeping.

Meadowmount presents three concerts on campus every week. They are held in the Concert Hall, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings at 7:30pm. If your son or daughter is performing in an on-campus concert, you are invited to attend the after concert dinner as our guest. To ensure we have made proper arrangements with the restaurant, please let us know as soon as possible if you will be joining us for the concert and reception.

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices Policy
Cell phone reception is limited. Verizon and T-Mobile are the only cell phone services in the area. There are plans to add AT&T but it has not yet been installed. Campus phones are available for student use and phone cards can be purchased in the office. Cell phones are prohibited from the Concert Hall and if seen will be confiscated.
Cell phone and electronic device use for students under the age of 18 is limited so as not to interfere with studies, practice, sleep and campus life. The counselors collect the minor students' cell phones and electronic devices during practice hours, concerts and evening curfew. Students have their phones and devices at all other times.
Since the counselors wake the students in the morning it is not necessary to use the phone as a morning alarm. Minors should bring a separate metronome, tuner and recording device for practice hours. Violation of our policy results in confiscation of the phone/device with restricted use. In case of an emergency please call the office (518) 962-2400.

Parents, family and friends may visit on weekends between the hours of: 12:30pm-10:00pm Saturday and 7:30am to 10:00pm Sunday
Only family members are allowed in the Dormitory. Friends can visit with students at the Main House. Concert admission is free for visiting family members. Students under age 18 must checkout in the office before leaving campus. Minors may go overnight on Saturday but must return and check-in with their counselor before the 7:30pm Sunday concert. (See “Taking a Student Off Campus” below.)

Taking a student off campus (Minor)
Students aged 13 to 17 must sign out in the office before leaving campus. Students must have a signed Parental Release Form on file in the office to depart with anyone other than their parent.  Visitors must show identification and be listed on the Parental Release Form or the student may not depart our campus. These precautions are in place to ensure the safety of all our young students.


Please call or email with any questions:

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