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Director Eric Larsen and cellist Lynn Harrell

Meadowmount Faculty

Meadowmount’s distinguished faculty members are dedicated master teachers and performers with successful careers as soloists, chamber musicians, or major orchestra concertmasters. Most were students of the legendary Ivan Galamian but all believe strongly in the regimen Mr. Galamian established at Meadowmount in 1944. Their students are winning top prizes in competitions around the world and are poised to begin solo and chamber music careers, win positions in major orchestras or begin careers as dedicated teachers.

Gerardo Ribeiro
Ann Setzer
Sally Thomas
Ivan Ženatý
Jan Mark Sloman

Patricia McCarty
Kikuei Ikeda
Eric Larsen
Patricia McCarty
Jonathan Koh
Gerardo Ribeiro
Steven Rochen
Ann Setzer
Ivan Ženatý
Hans Jørgen Jensen
Jonathan Koh

Eric Larsen,

Jacob Coleman
Benjamin Corbin
Lo-Chien Kao
Tomoko Kashiwagi
Suyeon Kim
Chorong Park

Guest Artists' Quotes

See what our previous guest artists have to say about their Meadowmount experience.

Guest Artists, Speakers, Workshops And Presentations

James Ehnes James Ehnes, Violinist

Anne Epperson Anne Epperson, Pianist

Joseph Silverstein Joseph

Violinist and

Robyn Avalon Robyn Avalon
Alexander Technique Dir. of Alliance SW, Alaska & Italy.

Musicians Health Seminar

Emily Abruzzi, Registered Yoga Instructor
Brian Trzaskos, PT, LMT -Body Alignment
Ani Anderson, MS, OT LMT - Meditation/Relaxation
Lila Corbin, LMT – Massage
Juna Bobby, MD – Mind-Body-Space

Additional Offerings: 

Annual Conservatory Fair
Yoga Classes
Body Alignment
Performance Anxiety
Massage by Appointment
Physical Therapy

Gerardo Ribeiro
"I had a wonderful time at Meadowmount last summer! When I returned home, my private teacher was very impressed with my technical improvement and could hardly get over the difference in my growth as a musician. My Meadowmount teachers were wonderful!"
- Meadowmount student